The Drinks

How many Lexington coffee shops have you tried? We've got the top 20 offering $3 coffee (+ tea!) drinks all week long. Now is the perfect time to try something new! Coffee DrinksTea Drinks
Coffee Bean

Coffee Drinks

Hazelnut Undertow

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar

Double shot espresso layered over hazelnut chilled cream (can be made dairy-free).

Hearts on Fire

Third Street Stuff

Cinnamon, white chocolate, and cayenne pepper (Latte, Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate!)

Pistachios and Cream Latte

Old School Coffee

A double shot latte crafted with a house made Pistachio Cream, available either hot or iced. Dairy-free available! 

Cupid’s Arrow

HIGH on Art & Coffee

Dark Chocolate/Strawberry Latte with toasted marshmallow whipped cream

Espresso Truffle

North Lime Coffee and Donuts: Limestone

A decadent 8oz chocolate bomb, treat yourself to the ultimate specialty coffee.

Butterscotch Baby

North Lime Coffee & Donuts: Clays Mill

Butterscotch cappuccino with crushed butterscotch candy on top.

Blueberry Pie à la Mode

Coffee Times Coffee House

Blueberries, cinnamon, and brown sugar round out the All-American flavors of homemade blueberry pie and ice cream.

Mizudashi Tonic

Manchester Coffee Company

Cold Brew Reduction, Grapefruit Oleo Saccharum, Lavender Bitters, Elderflower Tonic Syrup, Topo Chico, Grapefruit Garnish.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte


The cinnamon toast crunch latte is made with vanilla, hazelnut, and a cinnamon simple syrup

Bigfoot’s Toe

McLeods Coffee House

A single shot of espresso layered with vanilla syrup, heavy cream and topped with whip cream.

Rosemary Honey Latte


Café latte with house made rosemary honey

Nutella Latte

Gather on Main

Hazelnut latte with vanilla and chocolate drizzle

Bourbon Barrel Cold Brew

Common Grounds: East High or Richmond Rd.

Cold brew made from our house roasted Kentucky Bourbon Barrel aged coffee beans.

Cherry Cordial Latte

Common Grounds: Hartland

Dark Chocolate with Cherry Latte make with our house roasted Espresso.

Honey Bee Cappuccino

A Cup of Common Wealth and Chocolate Holler

A delicious cappuccino drink prepared with honey and cinnamon

Almond-Orange Cortado

Luke’s Coffee

Espresso-based drink featuring our in-house almond-orange syrup, and whole milk.

Tommy’s Hot Chicken & Waffles Latte

Nates’s Coffee + Starship Tea

A maple and spice flavored latte garnished with a stroopwafel shard and a fried chicken chip. Weird? Sure. Delicious? Yes.


The Human Bean

A delicious raspberry and vanilla mocha, available however you like it: hot, iced, or blended

Coffee Bean

Tea Drinks

Walnut Green Tea from Montea

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar

Green tea blended with sugared hazelnuts, walnuts, candies pineapple, & coconut bits

Loving You

Third Street Stuff

Lemon Ginger Tea
and Honey

Kentucky Blue

Old School Coffee

A perfect blend of Kentucky Black Tea and Herbal Blueberry Tea, locally sourced and available hot or iced.

Lexington Sunrise

HIGH on Art & Coffee

Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea with steamed milk and toasted marshmallow whipped cream

KY Fog Tea Latte

North Lime Coffee and Donuts: Limestone

Sweet tea with a twist! Try our iced North Lime blend black tea with milk, and a hint of vanilla.

Sun, No Fog

Coffee Times

A bright blend of black tea, papaya, passion fruit, and jasmine, steamed milk and sweet vanilla.

Blueberry Rhubarb Iced Tea


The tea is a blueberry rhubarb iced tea with mint (can also be made hot )

Chinese Razer Blade

Manchester Coffee Company

Arbol Infused Lapsang Souchong, Lime Juice, Agave, Lime Wedge Garnish

Rose Milk Tea


Black Tea Cold-Brewed in Milk, Rosewater, Dried Edible Flower Garnish, Honey. Served hot or iced.

White Chocolate Chai

McLeods Coffee House

Black tea infused with spices and sweetened with White chocolate mocha. Great hot or iced

Kentucky Mist

All Common Ground Locations

Kentucky Black Tea with Steamed Milk & Vanilla

Citrus Fog

Luke’s Coffee

Orange Honeybush Tea, Organic Vanilla, and Almond Milk

Starship Unicorn Tea Latte

Nates’s Coffee + Starship Tea

A coconut milk tea latte steeped with Red Planet Refresher, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Cold Brewed Berry Tea
North Lime Coffee & Donuts – Clays Mill
Cold Brewed blueberry tea from Elmwood Inn with coconut milk and sweetened with strawberry and raspberry syrup

Raspberry Iced Tea

The Human Bean

Steven Smith’s iced raspberry green tea